Playing with words

A translation juku.

I began planning this blog with the thought to simply document my own translation work and do a bit of practice by posting daily translations. But then I recalled a site that existed several years ago called Nihongo-Juku. N-Juku was a brilliant idea that, most unfortunately, went inactive in 2006. I was sorry to see it go but time went on and I mostly forgot about it; on the odd occassion when I remembered (“Hey, didn’t there used to be some spiffy podcast with easy readings?”) I would check and find that it was still dormant. Now I’ve presumed to take the mantle on myself.

Of course, my aim is translation, so I will not only be posting Japanese blurbs, but my own translations of them. At this point, I’m not sure if I will provide audio samples as I am patently not a native speaker; however, that may come in time if there’s an interest. Of course, requests are welcome if there’s any Japanese you are dying to have explained. Here we go!


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    ganbatte kudasai

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