Playing with words

Little shits.

Bad behavior on trains really is tremendously annoying. They’ve put up posters at the station nearest my work and, though I don’t expect them to change anything, it is justifying to hear that other people are annoyed just the same.

From checking online, apparently after those listed on our poster came offenses related to cigarettes and eating and drinking.

Take note, all ye students and shits

Take note, all ye students and shits

第1位 座席の座り方 24.8%

第2位 携帯電話の使用 19.9%

第3位 乗降時のマナーについて 8.6%

第4位 所構わず電車の床に座る 8.1%

第5位 電車内で騒ぐ 7.0%

第6位 ヘッドホンステレオの音漏れ 6.1%

第7位 女性の化粧 5.1%

第#位 【だい#い】 number (ordinal – i.e., number one, number two, etc)
座席 【ざせき】 seat
座り方 【すわりかた】 way of sitting
足 【あし】 feet, legs
広げる 【ひろげる】 to spread, to extend
座る 【すわる】 to sit, to squat
優先席 【ゆうせんせき】 priority seating (i.e., the seats for the elderly, pregnant, injured, and handicapped)
若い 【わかい】 young
健常者 【けんじょうしゃ】 healthy person, non-handicapped person
平然と 【へいぜんと】 calm, composed, cool
混雑 【こんざつ】 congestion, confusion
詰める 【つめる】 to pack, to fill
携帯電話 【けいたいでんわ】 cell-phone
使用 【しよう】 use
電車 【でんしゃ】 (electric) train
内 【ない】 inside, within
大きな声 【おおきなこえ】 loud voice
話す 【はなす】 to speak
着信音 【ちゃくしんおん】 ringtone
耳障り 【みみざわり】 aural annoyance, hurting one’s ears
乗降 【じょうこう】 getting on and off (a train)
マナー manners
について concerning, about
きちんと precisely, accurately
並ぶ 【ならぶ】 to line up, to queue
横から 【よこから】 from the side
割り込む 【わりこむ】 to cut in, to thrust oneself into
降る 【おりる】 to get off (a train)
待つ 【まつ】 to wait (~ず archaic negative form)
乗る 【のる】 to get on, to board
危ない 【あぶない】 dangerous, risky, hazardous
所構わず 【ところかまわず】 irrespectively, indiscriminately
床に座る 【ゆかにすわる】 sit on the floor
ドア door
付近に 【ふきんに】 in the neighborhood of, in the vicinity
妨げになる 【さまたげになる】 (vi) to hinder; get (stand) in the way of; get (stand) in the way; pose an impediment; WI1
円座 【えんざ】 sitting in circle; round straw mat
邪魔 【じゃま】 hindrance, obstacle
騒ぐ 【さわぐ】 to make noise, to kick up a fuss
グループ group
大声 【おおごえ】 a loud voice
非常に 【ひじょうに】 a great deal, extremely
迷惑 【めいわく】 troublesome, bother
子供 【こども】 children
親 【おや】 parents
注意 【ちゅうい】 warning, scolding
ヘッドホン headphone
ステレオ stereo
音 【おと】 sound
漏る 【もる】 to leak
間近で 【まぢかで】 from up close
聞く 【きく】 to listen to, to hear
とても very, awfully
シャカシャカ scratchy noise (like the sound that tracksuits make, and thus also the name of tracksuits now)
うるさい noisy, loud, annoying
女性 【じょせい】 female, women
化粧 【けしょう】 make-up, cosmetics
髪の毛 【かみのけ】 hair
不快 【ふかい】 unpleasant, discomfort
公私 【こうし】 public and private
考える 【かんがえる】 to consider, to think
行為 【こうい】 deed, conduct
自体 【じたい】 itself
みっともない shameful, indecent
同性 【どうせい】 (n,adj-no) same sex; homosexuality; homogeneity; congeniality; (P); EP
不愉快 【ふゆかい】 (adj-na,n) discomfort; unpleasantness; disagreeableness; unhappiness; (P); EP

Number 1: The way people sit, 24.8%
・People sitting with their legs widely spread
・Young people and the unhandicapped sitting in the priority seats
・People not sitting closely during crowded times

Number 2: Use of cellular phones, 19.9%
・Talking in a loud voice while on the train
・The ringtones of cellular phones being annoying

Number 3: Manners while getting on or off of the train, 8.6%
・People who cut in from the side even though others line up properly
・People who jump on the train without waiting for those trying to get off, creating a dangerous situation

Number 4: Sitting inconsiderately on the floor of the train, 8.1%
・People who sit around the door and get in the way of those get on and off of the train
・People who sit in a circles of 5 or 6 and create an obstacle

Number 5: Being noisy while on the train, 7.0%
・People who create a great fuss and are extremely bothersome
・When parents don’t control their noisy children

Number 6: Noise overheard from music players and headphones, 6.1%
・When you can hear nearby people’s musics during crowded times and it’s an aural annoyance
・The annoying overheard and scratchy noises from others’ music players

Number 7: Women putting on make-up, 5.1%
・The discomfort of the smells and hairs that are scattered about as women make themselves up
・The actions itself, which doesn’t consider the distinction between private and public acts, are unsightly
・Unpleasant even when viewed from the same sex

Sorry, being lazy, still more deadlines, so hardly a natural-reading translation. Yargh. More tomorrow.


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