Playing with words

Not sure how this happened, but…

Oh dear, just when I think I’m free, not one but two new projects come in. At least I’ll be sure of an income this month, even if there’s no free time to enjoy it!



Retrieved March 10 from Sankei Newspaper.

伊豆 【いず】 Izu
大島 【おおしま】 Ooshima
沖で 【おきで】 (adv) offshore; a little way out to sea; WI2
貨物船 【かもつせん】 (n) freighter; ED
同士 【どうし】 (n,n-suf) fellow; mutual; companion; comrade; bonding; (P); EP
衝突 【しょうとつ】 (n,vs) collision; conflict; (P); EP
隻 【せき】 (ctr) counter for ships; ED
沈没 【ちんぼつ】 (n,vs) sinking; foundering; (P); EP
第3 【だいさん】 the third (something); SP
管区海上保安本部 【かんくかいじょうほあんほんぶ】 Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
によると according to
午前 【ごぜん】 morning, a.m.
東京 【とうきょう】 Tokyo
うち among, within
韓国 【かんこくせき】 (South) Korean nationality
連絡がとれる 【れんらくがとれる】 to be able to make contact, to get in touch
乗り組む 【のりくむ】 to get on aboard
同 【どう】 the same
本部 【ほんぶ】 headquarters
可能性 【かのうせい】 possibility, likelihood
捜索 【そうさく】 search (esp. for someone or something missing)
管 【かん; くだ】 (n,n-suf) pipe; tube; SP
オーキッド (n) Orchid
ピア peer; ED
号 【ごう】 suffix for ship names
パナマ Panama
船籍 【せんせき】ship’s country of registration
シグナス・エース Cygnus Ace
けが人 【けがにん】 injured person
有無 【うむ】 existence, presence
不明 【ふめい】 unknown, uncertain
巡視船 【じゅんしせん】 patrol boat
航空機 【こうくうき】 airplane, aircraft
現場に向かう 【げんばにむかう】 to head for the scene

Collision between two freighter offshore of Izu Oshima, one ship suspected sunk

    According to the Third Branch of the Regional Coast Guard Headquarters two freighters collided in the sea off of Tokyo’s Izu Oshima island at around 2:15 a.m. on the morning of the 10th and off the ships they have been unable to reach one Korean-registered vessel. There were 16 people aboard and the aforementioned headquarters are searching for them, considering the possibility that the ship sunk.
    According the Third Branch, the ships that collided were the Korean freighter Orchid Pia and the Cygnus Ace, a freighter registered to Panama. It is said that the Orchid had on board 7 Korean and 9 Indonesian sailors. Contact was made with the Cygnus but is unclear whether there were any injuries.
    Considering the possibility that the Orchard sank, the Third Branch has sent patrol boats and aircrafts to the scene.


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